Life Coach. Former Wall Street Trader. Clothing Designer. Dancer. Breast Cancer Survivor. Warrior Girl.

Empowering women to design lives they love

Life Coach. Former Wall Street Trader. Clothing Designer. Dancer. Breast Cancer Survivor. Warrior Girl.

Empowering women to design lives they love

“Every experience no matter how bad, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it”

- Buddha
“What you seek is also seeking you”

- Rumi
What are you looking for?
Worrier to Warrior
1:1 Intensive Coaching Program
1:1 coaching will give you the personalized support, clarity and tools to design the life you love
What we stand for in Worrier to Warrior:
Create a new belief system
Emotional and spiritual health
Finding the magic outside your comfort zone
Getting out of your head and into your heart
What you will get:
    • One hour, weekly deep-dive video calls with Whitney to guide and support               you on your path to transformation
    • Unlimited email support between sessions
    • Discounted rates for Warrior Girl retreats and events
What you will get:
    • One hour, weekly deep-dive video calls with Whitney to guide and support you on your path to transformation
    • Unlimited email support between sessions
    • Discounted rates for Warrior Girl retreats and events
By the end of the program, you will
1. Have implemented a daily emotional and spiritual health regime
2. Recognize and amplify the voice of your intuition
3. Feel increased connection in your life and to those around you
4. Develop a renewed sense of purpose, joy and inner peace
5. Enjoy increased energy levels
6. Turn fear into your friend
7. Find your unique purpose
8. Identify and destroy negative thought patterns
9. Create a blueprint for the life of your dreams
10. Design a project in line with your unique purpose
are my programs for you?
My clients are high-performing, highly motivated people who understand the need to invest in the areas in their life where they want to see profound change. Want to see if you are a fit?
  • Are you ‘successful’ by conventional measures but longing for something more?
  •  Are you sick and tired of the rat race that comes with the corporate grind? 
  •  Do you want to break free from ‘normal’ and awake to a bigger vision for your life?
  •  Are you sick of making excuses, waiting and praying for things to change? 
  •  Are you a brave soul willing to do what it takes to get the life you want? 
  •  Are you ready to take action? 
The Warrior Girl Retreat
1:1 Coaching Clients
"I went on the Warrior Girl Retreat after giving birth to my eight month old twins. I felt that it was important for me to continue to travel and do spiritual retreats even though I had become a mother (my husband was also excited to bond with the kids for the weekend and to give me space). The Warrior Girl retreat is intimate and perfect for anyone searching to live their best life at a higher vibration. The combination of adventures in the jungle, delicious food, spiritual workshops led by Whitney and the participants shares and stories, for me, made for one of the best retreats I have ever attended. Highly recommended!"

- Eloise, New York, USA
“Whitney is one of those people that you are not looking for, but who find you right at the perfect moment. With her revolutionary life experience, her changes from the United States to Latin America and her infinite love for life, she was able to understand the challenges of my life and give it a twist to see them for what they are, opportunities to continue growing. Both her company and conversation serve as a light on my path. I am thankful to have her in my life.

- Ana Carolina, Princeton, USA
"The Warrior Girl retreat was equal parts “transformation” and “baddassery.” The trip was a once in a lifetime experience blending culture, adventure, self reflection and a new, enlightening framework to set myself on the path to success personally and professionally. Whitney’s experience, wisdom and true passion to bring to others the same fulfillment she has found while navigating some of the greatest challenges of her life made her the ultimate guide for the journey. The bond formed within the group was indelible - we continue to inspire and support each other in our daily living today. I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to hit the reset button on their lives in pursuit of gratitude and attainment of their truest vision of happiness." 

- Ryan, Boston, USA
“I chose Whitney over other coaches because she clearly walks the walk in her own life. She deeply listened to me without dismissing any of my experience in a way that only masterful coaches do. Whitney provided a safe space for me to share, and helped me reframe and build habits that were to my extreme benefit - in the form of a real life change, not a band aid fix, honoring my past, present, and the possibilities for my future. I appreciated not feeling nervous or that she was judging me, I always looked forward to connecting and knew that I would grow and flourish under her care. I take myself more seriously as a human and as a one woman business, I feel happy and safe knowing I can rely on Whitney as a coach and a more general sense of peace knowing that I am supported!”

- Mira, New York, USA
"I am a 66 year old grandmother and I have done many workshops over the years and found that the Warrior Girl Retreat was particularly inspiring because of the balance between mental, spiritual, and physical. Getting out of one's comfort zone is not something we do easily, or on a daily basis, and I believe growth can only happen in unfamiliar places. Whitney is a generous and inspirational leader and her balance between leading and joining was perfect."

Podge, New York, USA
“Whitney is a light! She has helped me immensely just watching her path. Her courage is UNPARALLELED! She had a fancy, pretty life here in NYC and she took a huge leap and moved to Colombia, that in and of itself is so inspiring and rare. On top of that she is just brilliant! Whitney has helped me immensely to slow down and look at my fear. She calls it the worm!! Genius!! I have been able to observe wormy and make different decisions.”

- Marissa, New York, USA
"Looking back at pictures from the Warrior Girl Retreat and my first solo trip ever, brings tears to my eyes, and is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. The trip itself was something I had only dreamed of. The experiences and friendships forged in such a short time were unbelievable, the life lessons learned through connecting with nature, breathtaking. Being on this journey of self-love, and finding myself again as a woman, as an individual and most of all embracing me, has to be one of THE MOST fulfilling things I have ever felt. The peace in my heart and lessons learned are what I will take with me forever."

- Lynnea, Chicago, USA
“To say Whitney has both saved and helped redirect the course of my life is an understatement. Her wisdom, patience and intuition helped me through the darkest time in my life. A few short years after meeting her I have found more freedom and love in my life than I thought possible. I’ve also launched a successful business and found a version of myself I always wanted to know. Whitney is dynamic, invested and someone you’d be lucky to have in your corner. ”

- Sarah, Aspen, USA
In The Media
As a life coach, it is my passion to reach and transform the lives of as many warriors as I can, both through one-on-one coaching, or through the airwaves. Here you will find my latest media appearances and interviews, I hope to see you there!
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