I founded Warrior Girl Coaching with one mission: to help corporate grinders lead more meaningful lives.
At the time I had it all by conventional measures of success: a prestigious title at one of the largest investment funds in the world, a fancy apartment in New York City, lavish vacations, and a killer designer shoe collection.

In terms of life’s formula I had done everything I was supposed to: Ivy League School, Master’s Degree, Wall Street, but then why did I feel like I was dying inside? Wasn’t I living a life people would kill for?

I was constantly exhausted, my life felt like it was on replay each day. I was constantly rushing: rushing to get to work, rushing to the gym, rushing home to eat dinner and then rushing to bed only to do it all over again the next day. I felt, empty and claustrophobic, held hostage by my lifestyle.

My personal life was in shambles. I couldn’t maintain a relationship for more than a few months, I was constantly sick with stomach issues and migraines, and had trouble sleeping. To make things even worse, I felt guilty and ashamed of being so unhappy. How dare I be so ungrateful when I had so much?
Some clients look for guidance and support on how to leave the corporate world behind and build businesses of their own; others simply need tools to bring more purpose and fulfillment into their existing lives.
Why Warrior Girl?
Clients hire me because I have deep experience in both: I was a high level Wall Street executive for nearly 15 years, and built two businesses from the ground up.

I created a wellbeing framework that allows me to live and work in a way that is authentically me, leveraging my greatest talents to positively impact those around me.
Is Warrior Girl For You?
My clients are high performers and high achievers who seek fulfillment through more than just the conventional markers of success. Highly motivated, they understand the need to invest in the areas in their life where they want to see profound change.

Want To See If You Are A Fit? Tell me, are you…

Successful by traditional standards but deeply unhappy in your life or work?

Feeling held hostage by your lifestyle, career, society?  

Secretly wondering if there is something more to life than the status quo?

Looking for expert guidance and support to fast-track your progress?

Sick of making excuses, waiting and praying for things to change and ready to take action?
Coaching is not therapy, we will not dwell on your past, blame asshole boyfriends, or shitty bosses.

Coaching is a partnership focused on today. We will take action to create an empowered, meaningful life.

I will help you to transcend the shackles of the known and embrace a new world of possibility.

I am the mirror that will lovingly remind you of the Warrior Girl that you already are.

I'm there every step of the way to keep you accountable, I make sure that procrastination never gets in between you and your dreams.

Together, we will dive deep into key aspects of your life: routine, diet, spiritual and emotional fitness, career, romance.

We will identify and liberate you from that which has kept you from a life that sets your soul on fire.

We will laugh, cry, plan and create your greatest masterpiece.

What could possibly be more important than that?
Which Program Is Right For You?
  •  Group meets twice per month on 1-hour live group calls
  •  Where Warrior Girls come together to learn, grow, & support each other
  •  Meet your tribe; a global group of like-minded Warriors
  •  3 weekly, 1 hour deep dive sessions with Whitney
  •  Daily tools and practices to help fast track you to achieve your goals
  •  A roadmap to guide you down the path to your dream life 
  •  Weekly 1 hour deep dive sessions with Whitney for 4 months
  •  Identify and destroy limiting beliefs blocking you from your dream life
  •  A game plan to fast track you to achieve all of your goals
Not sure which program is right for you? Booking a free discover session is a great way to learn more about how my programs work and to see if we are a fit.
Not sure which program is right for you? Booking a free discover session is a great way to learn more about how my programs work and to see if we are a fit.